The Skippa Sport Lined Short - Neon Yellow

Vibrant Designs

It’s time we talk about men’s swimwear. Unless you’re already rocking Party Pants swim shorts, your summer wardrobe needs an upgrade. The simple truth is that us guys have been sold short when it comes to swimming shorts, with liners and without. They always fit weird and the designs are more tired than you and your bros on Sunday morning. Rather than accept our cruel fate, we decided to do something about it. Party Pants is here to give guys swimwear that looks fresh, fits right, and holds up to your party lifestyle. Life’s too long for bad shorts!

A guy wearing the Cruisers Sport Lined Short - Light Blue

Premium Materials

Style matters, but it’s not everything. Rest assured, we pulled out all the stops with our ultra-supportive lined swim shorts. The lining actually does its job, holding everything in place. 4-way stretch material is, well, stretchy AF to give you full range of motion. Shorts with a liner pocket make carrying your phone, beer, or other essentials super convenient. And quick-drying, moisture-wicking materials are heavenly after an intense gym sesh or impromptu hop in the pool. Light and breathable, yet also durable, these superior shorts check all the boxes.

A guy putting a beer in the interior pocket of his Solid Sport Lined Short - Black

Free Shipping & Returns

After choosing your favorite lined swim shorts, have a look at our Party Starter Shorts and Nylon Party Shorts, too. And don’t forget to grab a couple of t-shirts while you’re at it. We take care of the Party Pants fam. Orders $75+ include free shipping in the continental U.S., and returns are always free. Our shorts with a liner come with a floaty keychain on the house. Ready to experience the best men's lined bathing suits known to mankind? Join the party!