🎉 Calling All Fashion Lifestyle Marketing Ninjas! 🎉

Are keg stands and content creation just another Tuesday for you? Ready to slide into work dodging a caged tiger? If your boardrooms include beaches, pools, and pickleball courts, then your desk (or hammock) awaits!

🌴 Who Are We?

We're Party Pants– An Irvine, California based fashion lifestyle brand where college spirit meets country club sports, with a frothy dash of beer foam.

🕺 Who Are We Looking For? Calling all peeps in the following areas…

•TikTok wizards to charm a fan base.
•Content Creators to rule social media.
•Twitter Ninjas to turn tweets into sales.
•Experiential Marketers, Tastemakers, stylists,& videographers who redefine '🔥'.
•Interns who party hard but hustle harder.
•Community Builders who can grow a fan base.
•And if you're runway-ready, the catwalk (or poolside) beckons!

🥯 What's In It for You?

•Aside from career and financial growth, there's pickleball, parties, creative vibes, and amazing people.
•Plus, Free Bagel Wednesdays. Who can resist a good bagel?

Whether you're rocking with us in-house or chilling in your beach cabana, we want to hear from you!

If you’re vibing with our brand DNA, and know you can make an impact, give us a call...or better yet, complete your application here.

🚨Attention! Resumes that come with a dazzling portfolio of your greatest hits will make it to the front of the line. 

Let's get this party started! 🌊🍻🩳