We aren’t sure about you, but we’ve never gone to a party and had a bad time. It’s where we go to hang out with buddies and make lifelong friends. To us, it’s not about where the party is, it’s who the party’s with. It’s where the beer is always cold, the laughter is always loud, and the times are always great. Every time we meet up, there’s no telling where the night will take us, but if we’re all having a good time, then it doesn’t really matter.

But as we traversed between bars, pool parties, and good times, we couldn’t help but notice one massive oversight. Most shorts out there don’t have the ‘it’ factor. They’re boring, unmemorable, and straight up too long. We couldn’t tell the difference between a short from a trendy surf brand from a cheap short from a discount store. And if they did stand out, they were made for one purpose- swimming.

At Party Pants, we believe the shorts you wear should be able to keep up with the lifestyle you live. Whether you’re partying at your favorite music festival, bro’in out at the gym with your best buds, or chillin’ poolside with an ice cold brew, we’ve got you covered with a short designed for every occasion. 

Life is too short to wear pants, so let's party!