Golfing is the perfect excuse to get competitive with your buddies, crack a couple of cold ones, and bask in the sunshine and fresh air. The only downside is that golf fashion tends to be a swing and a miss! Whether you need some fresh takes on classic looks or funny golf outfit ideas, we’ve got you covered head to toe with inspo that’ll help you bring your A game. Let’s go!

Vacation-Mode Cabana Sets

Two friends playing golf in cabana sets

A round of golf is like a mini vacation, so why not dress the part in one of our cabana sets? This is one of our favorite men’s golf outfit ideas because it’s super fun and easy, and you look put-together with the matching patterns. It’s impossible to be in a sour mood when you’re rockin’ a cabana, so even if you’re whiffing your shots, you’re still going to feel like a champ.

Flashy Party King

A guy wearing flashy Party Starter Shorts

Go big or go home! We have plenty of over-the-top designs—neon colors and vibrant prints will keep you visible even from far away, so you don’t catch any dubs to the dome—now that’s fore-sight! Start with a pair of our Party Starter Shorts and add a t-shirt, tank top, or cabana shirt. Feel free to wear clashing patterns to really push the look into radical territories!

Cool, Casual, & Comfortable

A group of friends playing golf

Looking for a laid-back and low-key men’s golf outfit idea? While our funny golf outfit ideas will make you the star of the show, maybe you’re feeling a little hungover, and you’d rather not attract too much attention. We have plenty of understated designs, too. Check our Sport Lined Short and Nylon Party Short collections. Pair them with a basic t-shirt or polo, and you’re good to go.

Elevated Preppy Classics

A group of friends at a golf course wearing preppy classic golf clothes

Hey, sometimes the classics are classics for a reason. If you want to capture the traditional golfer outfit, only better, we’ve got collars for you. Browse our collection of rugby shirts—they go great with our solid-color shorts. For chilly days on the green, be sure to pack a jacket or fleece. Sure, this isn’t the wildest of our men’s golf outfit ideas, but sometimes golfing and work go hand-in-hand, and you need to look somewhat professional. Dress to impress!

Shop Versatile Sportswear That Doubles as Swimwear

The great thing about our unique shorts is that you can wear ‘em anywhere and everywhere. From the driving range to the pickleball court to the pool party, our apparel always looks awesome. 

Our high-quality materials are comfortable yet tough and durable—don’t worry about getting holes-in-one of your favorite pairs, ace! And, because they dry so fast, you won’t soak any seats after a long day of fishing balls out of water hazards.

These men’s golf outfit ideas are a great starting point, but we’ve only scratched the surface. Shop our Golf Collection, and keep reading our style blog for more classic and funny golf outfit ideas, tips, and inspo. Ready to join the Swingers Club? Get your golf gear at Party Pants!

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