A group of friends drinking beers at a golf course

Vibrant Patterns

Our uniquely patterned golf shorts easily transition from the links to the drinks. Traditional golf shorts swing and miss every time, so we decided to make some that actually look cool and fit right — guaranteed. Our eye-popping colors and patterns will have you in party mode when it’s time to shotgun some swing juice. We also have some low-key styles if you’re in the mood for a classic, understated golf look but better. Give ‘em a shot — you’ll never look back.

A man shotgunning a beer at a golf course

Par-tee With Quality Gear

Sure, our fun golf shorts look amazing, but style isn’t everything when it comes to sportswear. Rest assured, we pulled out all the stops to make these your favorite golf and wear-anywhere shorts. Durable materials make sure you don’t get a hole-in-one of your pairs. Vented side seams keep you cool and breezy on those sunny scorchers, while ultra-fast-drying fabrics keep you dry. We give you plenty of pockets for stashing balls, tees, flasks — whatever you need to get in the zone and play your best.

A group of friends golfing

Join the Swingers Club

We look out for our customers so you can shop for fairway apparel the fair way. That includes free returns, so no worries if you need a mulligan. After choosing your fun golf shorts, check out our other party shorts, and don’t forget your upper half — we have golf-ready tees, cabana shirts, and tank tops. Whether you’re swinging clubs or breaking it down at clubs, our colorful golf shorts will make you the star of the show. Ready to party? Join the Swingers Club and get your golf gear at Party Pants!