Moby Collection

Moby says, "Don't be a dick!". Listen to Moby.


Become a walking PSA with our Moby Collection. Featuring our iconic Moby character delivering messages you wish you could say yourself… ‘Don’t be a dick’! Whether you’re calling out someone else or giving yourself a gentle reminder, you’re guaranteed to turn heads and spark laughs. So speak volumes without saying a word, and let our Moby collection do the talking for you.


From bar hopping to poolside lounging, our premium collection of stretch shorts, tees, and tanks promises to elevate your party game. With colors brighter than your child’s future and designs bolder than a drunk dial to an ex, the Moby Collection is your ultimate wingman. Break the ice and get the party started with a character as legendary as you.


Life is too short to wear boring shorts. That’s why we created the ultimate party shorts that were designed for and by legends. We believe the shorts we wear should be able to keep up with the lifestyle we live. Whether we’re partying during Spring Break, having a backyard bbq with your best buds, or lounging at the pool bar, we’ve got you covered (literally) with the best shorts for every occasion.